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You shouldn’t put up with acne

16th April 2018 Acne

There is no need to suffer with acne. It is an entirely treatable condition. Acne often responds well to gels and creams, sometimes with the addition of oral medications. Even on the right treatment acne tends to take a few weeks to really improve. If you don’t do well after a few weeks then it is time to try something else.

Try and live a healthy lifestyle, with enough sleep, a healthy diet, absolutely no cigarettes, and a sensible consumption of alcohol. Beyond this don’t worry too much about changing your diet or spending a lot of money on cosmetics, facials or ‘natural’ therapies. These are unlikely to be much help. Acne is a ‘natural’ thing that happens to human skin. The way it picks certain people out though is deeply unfair. If it upsets you and you want to be rid of it, it means sometimes reluctantly accepting that something needs to be done to the skin either by applying medicines on the skin to stop the inflammation and blockage in the oil glands or by taking treatment internally.

All medicines have potential side effects, but with help it is usually possible to control or completely stop acne, with treatments that have no or only a minimal impact on you. If you are struggling then consider seeing a dermatologist. They should be able to help.

eBook Download: Eight Great Acne Treatment Tips

eBook Download: Eight Great Acne Treatment Tips

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