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Please contact us for further information about consultation fees and prices. We are always happy to advise on costs associated with treatments.

NB. Additional costs for investigations such as blood tests or histology may apply if these are done. Private hospitals will charge fees that are additional to the doctor’s fee for surgical procedures listed above. This fee varies depending on procedure type and is usually in the region of £50-£850 depending on the procedure undertaken, but may be considerably more for major procedures (e.g. Mohs surgery). The hospital fees would normally be covered by your health insurer if you have health insurance. If a procedure is planned you should obtain prior authorisation from your insurer in line with your policy. We will advise you of treatment codes for procedures and help provide information to your insurer if you wish. If you are funding the procedure yourself we will advise you of the fees in advance. A follow-up consultation fee may be charged for procedures undertaken as part of a follow-up appointment.

If you would like to see one of our dermatologists, please call us on 020 3283 8788 or book online now.

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